n e f a r i o u s film trust

Its not for any type of recognition or reward for the achievements of the director that the Nefarious Film Trust seeks the widest possible audience for the film; it is singularly because everybody who invested their time, talents, money and faith in the development and production of n e f a r i o u s, whether they be family, friends, producers, partners, agents, associates, actors, writers, directors or crew, during the decade it took to complete, deserves the best possible chance of at least breaking even on their self-less commitment and unbending faith that they were working on a film was destined to become widely recognised as an underground cult classic, for the purposes of which they are all beneficiaries of the Nefarious Film Trust.

Night Set 2

Whilst another decade has now passed since the film was shot, it has aged extremely well, as its themes of friendship, trust, drugs and hypocrisy are perhaps even more relevant now than they were in 2005, let alone the summer of 1998, when the 1st draft of the screenplay was written.

It must also be acknowledged that charismatic Danish acting legend, Kim Bodnia, who so effortlessly played his leading role as a middle-aged man living on the edge and without whom the film might never have been made, is more popular than ever and his films continue to sell worldwide, thus affirming the director’s foresight in casting him in his very first English-speaking role.

Final Cut 07-06-06

The film is therefore adeptly set, to rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of its apparent demise, with limited theatrical screenings in selected independent British cinemas set for 2017, as well as the re-launch of the film across all media and territories.

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